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      Jamnagar came into existence a long before 444 years. This was established on the banks of rivers “Nagmatti” and “Rangmatti” by Shri Jam Raval, the descendant of Jam Halla, who is one of the heirs of Lord Krishna, the creator of “Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta”. The city has seen many ups and downs during the period’s right from Moghals to the present time of independent India. Shri Jam Ranjisinhji gave a new and fresh outlook to the city during 1909 to 1932. And build broad roads, beautiful markets, and gardens, wide squares and many building. Because of this once in the past this city was known as “Jewel of Khathiyawad”. Some of these, construction still exist.

     This city is situated at 220.280 North Altitude and 700.400 East Longitudes. It has been spread in the area of 26.10 square km. It is known as city of temples. It has as much as 500 temples. Being a Hindu dominated city and many temples it is known as Chhota Kashi. In addition to various temples of Gods and Goddesses there are big temples of different dynasties like Pranami Sampraday, Swaminarayan Sampraday, Vaishnav Hawali, Arya Samaj, Kabir Ashram, and Aandabawa Ashram.

     The city has places of worship not only of Hindu religion but many others also. It has big Mosques, Jain temples, Fire temples, Gurudwara, Churches, Mulla saheb’s Gadi. It also has institutes imparting religious teachings like Sanskrit Pathshala, Madresas, Catholic schools, Jain Shalas, etc... Jamnagar is a city of education too since it has schools of different mediums, colleges of many faculties and University of Ayurved. It has a Shainik School, schools for the blind, deaf and dumb, Stri (Mahila) Vikash Gruh and Vruddhashrams also.
Jamnagar has given many sportsmen making histories. Prince Ranjit, Ugghad Master, Dulipsinh, Vinu Mankad, Ajay Jadeja and Salim Durani are the cricketers form Jamnagar.

     It has given intellectuals like Mansukhlal Zaveri, a critic and a journalist- Gunvantrai Acharya, Sanskrit critic- Gauri Prashad Zala, a novelist- Umedbhai Maniyar, a poet- Bhanubhai Vyas, Women writers- Ela Arab Mehta, and Varsha Adalja, a cartoonist- Ramesh Buch, a scholar of Sanskrit- Hathibhai Shashtri, an Ayurved Master- Zandu, a columnist- Kundan Vyas, freedom fighters- Gokaldas Hirji Thakker, Lavanprashad Shah, Keshauvlal Kundalia and Khuldas Mehta, the Music Masters- Adityaramji, Sadaram Raval, and Baldevji Bhatt, the Artists- Nagjibhai Chauhan and Haribhai Vyas and so on. Because of its flourished port business once this was known as Liverpool of Saurashtra. Many traded far in the west from here. Today also the Bedi port and Rozi port give a business of millions; Jamnagar is a center of Fisheries. A fish producing Pearls is found in and around the ocean of Jamnagar. Before independence, Jamnagar had the department of Pearl separately in its Government. A part form Fisheries it has many salt works, Oil mills, Textiles and Woolen Mills, Cement Pipe factories, Solvent plants and big Scale Industries of Hydrogen plants, Oil engines, and Machines Industries.

     Jamnagar has its own importance for its scale home industries which fulfil the 80 % needs of the whole country in the fields of brass parts products. The nylon button, Cycle tubes and Cycle valves, Kumkum, Surmo, Scents, Knife, and Sudi and Locks etc..Jamnagar has attracted the whole country for its Bandhani and Gharchola-Ladies wear. Zari Kam of Jamnagar has a prime attraction of its own.

     After Mumbai, Jamnagar is the only city in India having all three wings of Defense, i.e. Army, Navy and Air Force. It has witnessed the bravery of our Jawans during 1965 War against Pakistan. It has four centre of physical fitness one is for Body building activities like Vishvnath Vyayayam Pracharak Mandal. There are Sports club like Sumair Clubs, Youth Hostel N.C.C., Home guards, Scouting, Blood bank, Tracking and Mountaineering institute, Nature and adventure club enhancing the nature of adventure among the youth.

    Jamnagar has quite long seashore. Recently one of the biggest oceanic parks of the country is under development. Rare in the World, oceanic tortoises have found here.

    Jamnagar, thus has been a center of Art, Literature, Music and many other cultural activities. It has daily News papers too like “Nobat”, Many Historical places, Radio Institute, Aeronautical schools. Quite a different and a unique solarium is situated in the town. The Pratap Vilas is a big palace where a big collection of Victorian period’s paintings is preserved. In the centre of town there is a Lake named “Lakhota Talav” and a Bhujia Kotha, were we found sculptures of ninth century. There are many tiny gardens and parks in the city.

     The present corporation is taking good care to give a modern touch to the city as well as to look after the old monuments. Every year during Diwali Festival the corporation arranges its “Fire Show” for the entertainment of the common mass.

     We feel happy at heart to welcome you all to enjoy out town as precious as a jewel.

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