PSTE BRANCH (Pre Service Teacher Education)

The main activity at DIET is being undertaken by the Pre Service Teacher Education Branch (PSTE) which is concerned with the conduct of two years certificate Course in Teacher Education. This has the recognition of the NCTE, Bhopal. DIET admits 50 candidates based on NCTE their performance in the Higher Secondary Examination and prepares them for the two year Diploma course in Teacher Education. This educational institute has the affiliation to the GCERT, Gandhinagar & Director of the primary Education, Gujarat for all academic purposes , such as syllabus, source books, examination and issue of Diploma. The recently revised curriculum of the Government of Gujarat for this Teacher Education Programme, has incorporated learner centered education, and personality development. Co-curricular activities like debates, discussions, seminars, science fairs, visual and performing arts have been given due weight age in the syllabus. Action Research component and Project Work have been incorporated in this course of study. The pre-service branch lecturers are also involved in imparting training for In-service branch teachers directly.



1.   To serve as the nodal branch for the following:

         i.   Organizing pre-service course for elementary school teachers and to provide academic inputs into such course is the subjects represented in the Branch.

        ii. Propagation of learner centered education and education for personality development through training, extension, preparation of suitable teaching aids, action researches etc.

      iii.    All general matters concerning teaching methodology and specific matters concerning teaching methodology of the school NFE subjects represented in the Branch.

      iv.   Provision of Psychological Counseling and guidance services to schools and NFE/AE centers of the district.

       v.  All matters relating to learning by children of Disadvantaged Groups.

       vi.   Education of children with major handicaps and other mild handicaps.

       vii.   Education of the Gifted.

2.   To conduct such in service programmes whose content relates exclusively or predominately to the subjects represented in the branch, or to its other area of nodal responsibility listed at (ii) – (vii) under 1.

3.   To provide inputs into programmes/activities of all other branches of the Institute, to the extent of subjects/areas represented/handled in the Branch.

4.   Maintenance of science Lab, Psychology equipment, Resource Room for Education of Disabled children, Rooms for Art education, and equipments and facilities for sports and Physical Education.

5.   Promotion of and support to co-curricular activities in areas related t the substantive work of branch, e.g. debates and elocution, literature, Science Fairs, Visual and Performing Arts, Sports and Physical Education competitions, Yoga, Hobbies etc.



Name of the programme: Primary Teacher Course (PTC)

Duration: 2 Years

Eligibility: Pass in HSC with sound percentage and below 25 years of age.

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