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      Jamnagar District Institute of Education and Training was founded on 15th of October, 1994. Before this, it was known as Purush Adhyapan Mandir, Which was founded on 15th of June, 1960. As such this Institute is as old as more than 40 years.

      In the beginning the Institute was at Dhrol Taluka of Jamnagar District. Later, it was upgraded and shifted to DKV College Campus of Jamnagar city. During 1994, all the P.T.C. College was upgraded as District Institute of Education and Training and so this Adhyapan Mandir too was recognized as one such institute. The Purush Adhyapan Mandir was dealing with pre-primary teaching. But when it turned into this institute, it deals with primary education.

      The present building has been established under the National Scheme at Dared, in 1998. Dared is situated on Lalpur Highway, 9km away from Jamnagar.

      It was inaugurated by Shreemati Anandiben Patel honorable education minister of Gujarat state on 1st of September, 2001.

      With a view to improving the quality of teaching, a National Policy of a teacher’s training has been emphasized.
The present campus at Dared has been shifted from Dhrol via Jamnagar. It has cost Rs. 1,1000,300/- aided by the central Government.

      It has an Academic building of fifteen rooms with the principal’s office, Staff rooms, Teacher’s rooms, Computer rooms, Laboratory, Workshop, Prayer hall, T.L.M. rooms, Urinal etc… In addition to this it has its own hostels hebetated by 100 students, and the quarters for principal, rector and a watchman too.

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